The project

The Expero4care project is an LLP TOI 2013-2015 which main goal is to create and certify the first standard to assess the quality of the learning outcome in the healthcare sector.

Go to: Partnership - Planning

Particularly during these years, the EU has been involved in the promotion of important frameworks through the learning and application of meta-framework and standard in the subject of qualification, credits and quality of the learning outcome.

From the implementation point of view, the field of quality certification in training is a topic in which the EU is aware to be at the beginning, so as in the scientific literature we keep on underlining that even with quite big amount of money for the training there isn't a suitable return of investment (ROI). This gap becomes a problem in terms of management and in the loss of training's significance.

From the analysis of the national and regional context (in all the involved countries), there is a strong interest in the Expero model and its certification at European level, in particular considering its main application in the healthcare system.

Expero4care project is one of the 24 projects that have been approved in 2013 and it has been funded with 300 000 Euro.


The project is coordinated by Azienda per l'Assistenza Sanitaria n. 1 triestina with dr. Patrizia Buzzai, the management task force is composed by the Department of Humanities (University of Trieste), the Expero Association, the AAS1 triestina and the European Office of Cyprus.

The partners who will apply the model are ASL2 Torino, AAS1 triestina, Zagreb School of Medicine, VAMK Vaasa, Salud y Comunidad Barcelona, Folkuniversitetet Uppsala.

Dissemination and support partners are Evolvere Sardegna, Ipasvi Trieste, University of Turin, CTG dental care Izmir.

Please visit the Contact page to find out more about our partners.


The project duration is 24 months and it is composed by six work packages:

  • WP1 Training Expero4care model
  • WP2 Expero4care implementation
  • WP3 Certification
  • WP4 Valorisation
  • WP5 Quality management
  • WP6 Project management

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